This is my Degree show exhibition. It's split up into two different walls, each containing a seperate piece, which is made up of smaller photographs to create two loose narritives. There are 11 photographs printed on dibond in total.
Artist statement:
My practice explores the sporting world, and in particular the Irish domestic footballing scene, as this is one of my keenest interests. Most Irish "fans" are preoccupied with English and other foreign brands of football while neglecting their own, something I have always struggled to understand, this is the starting point for my entire project. I hope to put the viewer into the psyche of the supporter. To create imagery which makes a commentary on issues surrounding the sport. Including problems such as lack of support, the lack of development and infrastructure the game suffers from in Ireland, as well as mismanagement from the powers that be. I find it interesting to look at issues which sport can mirror within wider contemporary culture, such as lust for money/power, problems with class as well as fanaticism and violence  This series of photographs were taken at two football grounds close to where I grew up. One in particular being the home of Longford town FC, a club in the second tier of Irish senior football. These pieces in particular serves to highlight the plight that every club in Ireland faces, this being a lack of support, but also hinting at some other wider issues which trouble the sport globally. I hope this work will invite the viewer to draw their own conclusions as to each pieces meaning and engage with something which is not necessarily highly publicised in the media today.
Wall #1
1. 25x30cm ''In the beginning'' 
2. 25x30cm ''Step into the void'' 
3. 25x30cm ''Renounce'' 
4. 42x60cm ''Excommunication'' 
5. 30x40cm ''Every cloud''
6. 30x40cm ''Silver Lining'' 
Wall #2:
7. 30x40cm ''Pearly gates'' 
8. 42x60cm ''Exile'' 
9. 42x60cm ''Devastated'' 
10. 25x30cm ''Every dream must die'' 
11. 25x30cm ''Best kept secret'' 

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